Finding the right Gynecologist

There are over 880 people in Cincinnati every month searching for the term “Gynecologist Cincinnati”.

On Google alone, there are about 133 Gynecologists that have registered their business on Google’s local business directory listing under the keyword “gynecologist Cincinnati”.  Some of these gynecologists have patient reviews but majority have no reviews.

On the other hand, Yellow pages shows there are about 105 gynecologists listed on their directory in the Cincinnati area.  

With so many gynecologist directory sites online and all the results from the search engines, it can be a complicated task finding the right gynecologist in Cincinnati.  

We have spent time researching and interviewing gynecologists in the Cincinnati area to provide you with a check list of what you should consider before choosing a gynecologist.

1. Decide whether you need a gynecologist in Cincinnati who is also an active obstetrician;

2. Decide if you wish to have a male or female gynecologist in Cincinnati;

3. Confirm any limitations or guidelines from your insurance carrier regarding your gynecologist selection;

4. Make sure the gynecologist that you have chosen in Cincinnati accepts your health benefit plan;

5. Do an online search on Google for the name of the gynecologist whom you are thinking of choosing in Cincinnati and put “reviews or complaints” at the end of the name when searching;

6. Visit Ohio’s medical boardwebsite to see if the gynecologist is in good standing and also review the boards’ consumer section on choosing a doctor.